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An essential guitar with a unique look, a tribute to the purity of the wood, for a sound with an exceptional tonal range.

The one-piece ash body with an original checkered texture gives great balance to the sound, together with the highly rigid maple neck and ebony fingerboard. Important aesthetic details embellish the instrument, such as the electronic panel in eucalyptus and a two-tone headstock.

Two DiMarzio pickups guarantee an excellent crunch starting from low volumes, but perfectly manageable, up to a true roar of power in the most extreme distortions.

Scale                            647.70mm / 25.50"

Body                            Ash

Neck                            Maple

Fretboard                   Ebony

Tuners                         Gotoh

Bridge                         Hipshot

Truss rod                    double action

Bridge pickup          DiMarzio Illuminator

Neck pickup              DiMarzio Illuminator

Potentiometers        Volume: 500Kohm

                                      Tone: 500Kohm

Switch                         Three ways

Condens./Resist.      0.47 microF

Nut                              Custom made based

                                      on graphite Tusq

Frets                            Medium Jumbo Steel

Dots / dot markers  mother of pearl

Finishing                    Oil

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